I have a habit of drinking a specific recipe of tea every day, twice per day if I have the time. It had become a ritual for me. For some reason I stopped drinking tea for a while. 
Like everyone else, I too have my mental demons and a sense of anxiety for often unknown reasons. I felt a sense of a stuck energy inside me, and decided to make myself my favorite cup of tea and just enjoy. To my surprise my energy felt clear and I could make art again. This is where my inspiration for this piece came from.

The Japanese idea of Zen is my introduction to the word "Ritual" and I later found it in my favorite book "Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance". Having Rituals is so important. I included moving clouds in this piece, as Buddha said, thoughts are like clouds. At one point in this animation, for a brief moment the clouds completely disappear. I like the sense of this girl sitting still and just "Looking" at the clouds.
Very, VERY personal project, I must say. 

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